Selected Poems


from Solitary Workwoman

Part 3: Fire Clay
from The Joe 82 Creation Poems

Selections from
I am the Babe of Joseph Stalin's Daughter

Not Be Essence That Cannot Be

Hermaphropoetics / Longing

In a dream
of a hermaphrodite
in silhouette 

slender and elongated 

a hermaphrodite

shimmering in scene after scene

staged and scripted
out of a lost narrative 

discovered after the siege
longing thrown onto the body

an asymmetrical form
hyperfeminine  hypermasculine

collecting and sorting
chicken bones  turkey bones
exquisite the beaks and feet

organizing bones

lovely the pigeon bones
sculpted  delicate

gothic cathedrals
shimmering in scene after scene

the shape of vertebrae
rising from a postapocalyptic pit

the waves of the Atlantic crash 

the RUINSCAPE disappearing

then the LANDSCAPE yielding forth
dandelion  yielding forth

lemon trees  strawberry
hibiscus  mango  goose grass

leaves spreading  undulating
secreting mucus  nectar

amorous the greedy seed amorous
covetous the warring roots

murderous sex cells
hypermasculine  hyperfeminine

hungry the fruiting bodies
swallowing the prey

the waves of the Atlantic crash

In a dream of a hermaphrodite
wanting to starve

wanting to devour heat and light
eating a scoop of sand

organizing skull  wishbone  femur
assembling  structuring

gables  spires  parapets
lancet arches  flying buttress
rib vaults

graceful the flowing tracery

a hermaphrodite
sculpting angels  prophets  kings
gargoyles  saints

shimmering in scene after scene
the shape of vertebrae
rising from a postapocalyptic pit